Sunday, 9 November 2014

Velour Lashes @velourlashesofficial

Sometimes we just need a short and sweet review, so that's exactly what I have for you....

I picked up my Velour Lashes at the IMATS earlier this year, they were literally sold out of almost everything by the time I got there which says it all really! We were served by one of the lovely Velour Lash girls, it might have even been Mabel Lee but it was so busy we had to rush through.

Onto the make up talk..

So I was recommend by the girls to pick up the Naughty Me lashes -according to my eye shape, which is pretty much a medium sized almond shape.

The lashes themselves have quite a thick band, usually I'm not a fan of a thicker lash band because they can be quite hard to put on as they aren't as flexible but these surprised me!
I think its mostly down to how tactical you are with the lash glue, I'm quite practised with lash glue timing so I think that helped - it has to be the right consistency before you even think of applying them.

The main thing I like about these lashes is that they look super full once they are on, typically we all know a bit of eyeshadow/liner along the lash line can instantly make your lashes look fuller. Not sure if you remember the Aishwarya Rai Loreal Mascara advert which kicked off a lot of talk not he blogger scene about the exaggeration on a mascara advert.

I've worn these lashes four times in total since I bought them and they are still in pristine condition, most lashes would wilt after that many uses or even have some of the individual lashes come away but that hasn't happened.

I would recommend to really look after the lashes, because after all they aren't unbreakable and a decent amount of care is needed.

My tip is not to get mascara on them
As soon as you are done with them, slowly peel away any glue on them
Always apply glue to the lashes and not over the lashes once they are on your eye, glue belongs on the lash line where you can't see it, not on top where its visible if you look down.

All in all heres my rating:

Value 9/10 - They aren't the cheapest of lashes but you have to weigh out the amount of wears you could get from them, and like i mentioned thats down to how well you look after them!

Packaging 10/10 - Love the packaging, they are fully secure in the box and aren't going to get squashed whilst travelling, its also really cute looking if you wanted to have it on display at your vanity.

Quality 10/10 - Its instantly noticeable that these are high quality, thing I look out for are that false shine you get from cheap quality and the lash fall out - neither of which applied to my pair!

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