Sunday, 12 August 2012

Birthday Pampering - Trim and Tone Body Wrap @SanctuarySpa1

In my last post I talked about Part 1 of my Birthday pampering marathon, well Part 2 was a visit to The Sanctuary Spa in Richmond.

I have been a fan of Sanctuary ever since my mum introduced me to their products and use their body washes and soufflé creams daily.

The Spa itself is very deceiving, from the outside it looks tiny but inside I was surprised. 

The ladies room was full of products for you to use which I was super excited to see, and it smelt gorgeous in there!

I was given my own big fluffy robe and slippers and taken into the Lavender room, unfortunately I didn't get a picture but it was a relaxation room with endless supplies of herbal tea and fruit, with comfy chairs and a beautiful waterfall trickling down the back wall.

Next up was my treatment, I went for the Trim and Tone Body Wrap - I chose it after reading reviews because, quite frankly there was too much choice in the treatments I could of had.

The aim of the treatment is to 'temporarily tone up problem areas', 'assists circulation and natural drainage' and 'to give an instant, temporary toning effect'

-Do you see why I chose it now? Sounded like a win win to me!

This is how it went down:
-The therapist wrapped me up so nice and warm on the treatment bed and took my measurements
-She used a body brush to increase the circulation along my thighs and across my stomach and sides
-She then covered me in the Sanctuary Clay and wrapped the bandages tightly across me
-Over about 50 minutes she then gave me the most amazing massage on my lower legs and feet and then my neck, shoulders and head.
 *By this time I would have happily nodded off - Pure Bliss!*

-After unwrapping and cleaning the clay off, I was measured again and drum roll please.....

I lost 2 centimetres off each thigh and 3 centimetres off my stomach! Amazing, I felt really skinny ha ha.

Don't be fooled it is only actually water weight you're loosing, it's not a miracle fat loss treatment, but PERFECT as an invigorating treatment to help with circulation and stretch marks/cellulite. I was told that alot of people use it as a quick trim up to get into that little black dress.

I would rate my Sanctuary Spa experience 10/10, the perfect birthday treat.

The good news is that you don't have to pay for salon prices to get the results I did, I bought an at home treatment set, and I'm my next post will be a 'how to' so stay tuned!


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