Sunday, 2 November 2014

#Halloween Make Up

I had so many make up ideas for Halloween this year, I am going to have to save them for next year I think!
I decided to go for a cracked Ventriloquist doll, I wanted to keep those 'pretty' elements in there but add a touch of horror,  though I don't think I have quite mastered a selfie which is quite scary enough yet!

Let me know if you like the look, product details are listed below!

BROWS - I muted out my brows with NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, and then used my normal Anastasia brow brush to fill them in with a deep purple shade eyeshadow from Inglot, I then tidied them up with Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation.

I then went on to the EYES, for this I went for a smokey eye which was abit abstract to compliment the purple brows. In the crease I went for MAC Magenta blended out into the brow bone (which I kept matte) and then in the corner I blended Shadowy Lady by MAC into the Magenta, I kept building over that until I was happy. For the mobile eye lid I went over it with Blacktrack gel liner as a base and then used Shadowy Lady to buff out the edges into the Magenta. To finish I went over with a larger, clean blending brush to melt everything together!
I added Ardell Demi Pixie Lashes and Avon Aero mascara in Black, for the lower lashes I added lashings of mascara, but I also went in with a Carbon by MAC and drew in thick lower lashes with an angled brush to give that fullness, Inglot gel liner in the inner lower water line and upper waterline to get that really black eye and then to finish, I added a good few layers of the Magenta in the inner corner to really make it bright.

Then I moved onto the FACE, I started with Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation and then went onto cream contour. Under the eye, I exaggerated an under eye highlight to really lift the cheek like a doll of course! To do that I used Mac Full coverage foundation in nc30 to get that really 'plastic' flawless face, I added some of that under the cheekbone too, just to lift that area out. For the cheekbones I went in with a Kryolan Supra Colour blended out and then to set it, MACs eyeshadow in Brun with a fluffy brush. To replicate those doll-like cheekbones I followed my natural cheek hollow and then exaggerated under the cheek to make it look fake. Over that I went in with Illamasua blush in Tremble, literally on the cheek but keeping within the contour lines I had just created. For the nose, I went over with the same eyeshadow.

On the LIPS I blotted out my natural colour with my foundation and drew in my new false lips which were much smaller and narrower.

I set everything, with a translucent powder by RCMA, just because those cream products were super heavy on my usually normal oily skin!

And then it was onto the final part, the cracks! I was actually quite apprehensive about this bit, because essentially if I messed this bit up it would have ruined what I had done so far. But I just went for it, with the thought that cracks aren't perfect and are never the same so it wouldn't look so bad even if I thought it went wrong!
I went in with a liquid liner with a felt tip and started my cracks in between my brows and then drew more from there until I was satisfied. I went over the lines with Carbon e/s to darken them up and really try to make it look like the holes had actually fallen in. I even followed the lines from the head over my eye make up and matched up the line on the other side of my eye. I then went in and attempted to create that recognisable ventriloquist jaw, this is usually the bit which moves up and down so I made the lines bait darker and thicker to look deeper.
Then, using my Jumbo Pencil in Milk on a flat definer brush I followed those lines to highlight them and make them look 3D, I also added a bubble on my lip.

After cleaning up and darkening areas, I was finally done! All in all, it took about an hour to complete - bearing this was the first time I attempted it and I hadn't really planned the products I was going to use.

This one was taken on my Cannon Camera so the colours are a little more 'true' than on an iphone


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