Monday, 17 October 2011

Magnetized Nail Polish #nailart

Magnetized Nail Polishes are the next craze that is fast replacing crackle polishes. However it isn't a completely new concept, a few years back L'Oreal released a magnetic polish which didn't quite catch on, I think the release of Magnetic Polishes has been timed perfectly with the recent popularity of nail art.

Nails inc was the first to release their set of Magnetic Polishes with Jameela Jamil as the face of the product. They have launched three polishes which are all named after iconic London attractions; The Houses of Parliament-Metallic Purple, Trafalgar Square-Metallic Silver and Big Ben-Metallic gold. 

But as with all Nails inc polishes they are a little pricey at £13 each, however if you do purchase all three on the website you will qualify for free delivery. Personally, I thought the price was a little steep, and as I hadn't tried them before I didn't want to splash out nearly £40 on polishes I potentially might not like.

Ever the bargain hunter, I did my research and found out that Boots have just launched their own Magnetic Polishes on their 17 brand. There are four colours in the range which cost £4.99 each; Gun Mental, Lilac, Blue and Teal. 
I picked up Teal, Blue and Lilac.

I have to say the packaging looks nearly identical to the Nails inc polishes.
Each bottle comes with an outer lid and an inner lid. 

The outer lid is what contains the magnet. It's very light, and I think that's because it has 4 or 5 small strips of magnets inside which is what gives the nails the striped effect. The lid also has a small lip next to the magnet which is used to rest the magnet on the cuticle. Resting it here gives just the right distance between the polish and the nail. 

 Specs on, here comes the science bit!..
So in the metallic polish are tiny specs of iron. Remember the science experiments at school where you would do drag a magnet around a plate of iron filings like this..

Magnetic Polishes work with the same concept. When the magnet is applied, the iron particles are drawn up to magnet from the polish creating a shaded area. If you watch the polish whilst you are hovering the magnet over it you might actually see some of the polish being drawn up to the's really quite cool!..(say hello to my geeky side)
How To:
1. Apply your base coat as normal
2. Apply a thin coat of your chosen colour and let it dry
..You will need to do the next steps one nail at a time..
3.Apply a really generous second coat of polish
4.Whilst it is still wet grab the magnet and line up the lip of the magnet lid against your cuticle and hold there for 5 seconds.
*Be careful not to let the magnet drop down onto the nail and ruin it*

And this is the final effect..

You can try and place the magnet at different angles to get different effects, in the picture below I flipped the magnet over so the lip was at the opposite end to my cuticle.

More pictures of the final result..

Magnetic Polishes might be slightly more wearable as a day time polish for some people than the crackle effects...
Have you tried any Magnetic Polishes yet? Let me know!



  1. Eeek! Excited to see that there are less expensive versions out there of Nails Inc Magnetic polishes - I'll definitely be giving these a try! Love the Purple and aam curious to try the Gunmetal too :) xx

  2. @AnitaDarling Dupes are always a winner for me! I noticed having a different base colour underneath didn't make much difference atall, they are super pigmented!x

  3. I've got the boots version and it is amazing. Loads of people have commented how good my nails look and thought i'd had them done professionally.