Sunday, 29 July 2012

Shellac Attack #nail #manicure #CND

I recently turned 24 and decided that this year I would take the day off and pamper myself. Seriously, I think from now on for the rest of my life I will try and have the day off from work, it was amazing!

Part 1 of my pamper day included a pedicure and Shellac manicure which I was SUPER excited about as I had wanted to see what the hype was about for while now.

I visited my local nail salon for both treatments and I was really pleased because as usual, I was running late for part two of my day, so they managed to do an express pedicure which saved lots of time.

I chose to have the simple plain white tip as my Shellac colour because I wasn't too keen on having a bright colour on my nails for more than a couple of weeks, and plus I was going out to celebrate my birthday that weekend and had not decided what to wear yet!

A Shellac manicure is like a normal manicure with the same hand massage, cuticle fixing, and general nail prodding, but the only difference is that they use gel nail polish which lasts for weeks and keeps your nails strong.

The process involves layers of gel nail varnish and curing under UV light.

VoilĂ ! This is the finished look!

I love it, my nails were so shiny and felt so healthy. 

Above is what my nails looked like after 19 days! Amazing, they are not chipped at all, and all I'm not sure if you can see very well in the picture but there is about 2mm of regrowth which has moved out the white tip on my middle finger. Considering that I was told I would have 14 days chip free I was very impressed with 19, and over those 19 I didn't give my hands any extra treatment, the cleaning and washing did not cease (unfortunately).

I can actually see myself getting addicted to having Shellac Manicures, I'm tempted to buy a home gel nail kit for myself but already know it won't be like a CND manicure!

The only thing I am reconsidering is getting a white tip next time, the regrowth moves it out and I don't think it looks so great.. .What colour would you get?


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