Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Lose inches in under an hour - Sanctury Spa DIY Trim and Tone BodyWrap

In my last post I told you about the trim and tome treatment I went for at the Sanctuary Spa [Have a read here]
Well, good news you can get the same results for a quarter of the price of you DIY!

I don't usually use web images but I couldn't wait to use my kit so it's not quite photo ready any more..

On the day of the treatment I picked up the at home kit which contains:
 1 x Pot of Body Clay
 4 x Bandages
 1 x Loofah Mitt
 1 x Tape Measure

It's super easy to get the same salon results at home with this, the only difference being that you don't have someone to give you a lovely massage..well I guess you could arrange that.

Before I got started I marked where I had measured with a ballpoint pen.
I used the loofah to scrub away and get the blood flowing, but to be honest I resorted to using my body brush instead as I just prefer it.
This time, after laying on the (very cold) clay, I wrapped the bandages around my stomach and upper arms and then put some clothes on to keep warm.

The good thing about doing this at home is that you can get a lot done in the time in which you are waiting for the clay to work its magic, and in my house that would be one task..CLEANING!

After scrubbing down the bathroom my wraps were ready to come off, after wiping down the clay I realised I had wiped off the tape measure markings!! So I couldn't get an accurate idea of the reduction in size, I just made do with guessing as I can usually tell just from how I feel.

I lost around 2 centimetres from my stomach and about 1.5 from my arms - I guess the amount will vary depending on how much water retention you actually have.

The only thing I would be wary of is bandage marks! I had lots on my arms which took around half an hour to disappear, I think that was down to wrapping the bandages too tightly.

The minimum recommended time to leave the bandages on would be 40 minutes, I had mine on for just over that.

I purchased the treatment set from the Richmond Spa for around £25, it's also available in most Sanctuary stockists so Boots, Debenhams, ect.

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