Sunday, 16 November 2014

Custom DIY Lip Palette

I love a DIY project, and I did put out an Instagram video on my latest invention, a custom lipstick palette.

As a Make Up Artist, time is usually of the essence, and wasting valuable minutes searching through a very large bag of lipsticks which all look the same, to find the colour I wanted just wasn't working. So I decided to depot them into a handy palette. I am all for palettes in any case, so this was a no brainier.

Another reason I wanted to do this was so that I could just scrape a small piece out onto a mixing palette and work from that rather than the lipstick tube, that itself is more hygienic but also, this way I can spray the entire palette down with 98% Alcohol after each use.

Go to my Instagram page @sharonmarwaymua for little video!

I had lots of people asking how I did this so I thought I would share the step by step with you all.

The empty palette I used was from MAC, I decided on this one purely because with my pro discount it worked out well.
PRO: The palette has a see through lid and generally seems very sturdy.
CON: The palette doesn't have as many pans as some of the others.

Other palettes I was considering using were:
  • The Japonesque 32 well palette - 
    • PRO: This has more wells than the MAC palette. 
    • CON: The lid closes shut so you can't see the colours inside without opening it, and also it was working out at a higher cost

  • Z Palette with empty pans - 
    • PRO - The major pro here was that this would allow me to switch up my palette depending on the job as the pans would be removable rather than fixed like the two other options. 
    • CON: The cost of the empty pans, plus magnets, plus the palette itself worked out more. 

There are hundreds of You Tube videos out there, which explain this but hopefully reading this will save you time watching all of them to find the best method (mainly because I have already done that part for you)
Here's the step by step:

1. I sanitised all my equipment using 98% Alcohol
2. I laid out and ordered all the lipsticks I wanted to depot in front of me.

3.  I cut off about a third of the lipstick and put it into a sanitised spoon

4. I hovered the spoon over a candle being careful not to let the flame touch the bottom and watched as the lipstick melted.

5. I took the spoon off the heat as soon as about 90% of the lipstick had melted and I could still see a piece which was hard, this way I was sure the lipstick didn't over heat. Over heating the lipstick can ruin the texture, so be careful.

6. I slowly poured it into the well - I mention slowly because as the lipstick reforms and solidifies, it will increase in size so do this in portions.

7. I have a number of lipsticks which I have never been used, probably because they were impulse buys like Nicki Minaj's Limited edition Pink Friday lipstick by MAC, so with these I custom melted other lipsticks in to make a wearable colour I liked. My palette has around 5 custom colours in it, I even managed to make something which is very similar to MAC's Velvet Teddy!

8. After all the lipsticks were in, the whole thing was quite a mess so I cleaned up using a Q-tip and Alcohol again and flattened out any that didn't have a flat surface.

And that's it, my well researched, tried, and tested method.
Do tag me in any posts/pictures where you try this, I'd love to see!
And if you would like yo know the exact colours I have in my palette, just let me know :)


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