Friday, 18 January 2013

Brow Perfection - Anastasia Brow Whizz and Gel @anastasiasoare @cult_beauty

Anastasia Is an absolute brown queen, she is known as the celebrity browista and even Kim K tweeted a picture of herself at Anastasia's famous Beverly Hills salon.

I actually saw this brow pencil on the Pixiwoo channel in one of Sam's videos, and like everything Sam and Nic talk about, I was totally sold.
Unfortunately there wern't any UK stockists of this product at the time, so I got mine from Sephora when I was in New York.

I used one of my regulars - Mac Brow pencil in Spiked and also Macs Embark eyeshadow to compare against. In the picture the Brow Whizz is above and Spiked below.

The Brow Whizz pencil by Anastasia that I bought has more of an ashy/grey tone rather than the red tone that Spiked or Embarked has. That means it just looks so much more subtle and perfect for when the rest of your face is pretty caked, and you just need some definition in your brows!

The pencil itself is hard and not waxy which means you can get a really defined outline. Also it doesn't cause any flash back in pictures because it's not waxy, flashback basically makes you look like you have no brows because the light bounces off..not a good look.

There is a little spooly on the other end of the pencil which saves me searching for mine,

This brow pencil totally changed up my brow game, I'd totally recommend it, I got mine in Brunette (fyi my hair is black). But there is a whole range of colours. I'm considering having a few of her other products shipped over because I'm totally sold on the quality of this!

I also bought the Brow Gel to keep those pesky hairs in place for windy days lol loving that too.

UK shoppers can now get yours on @cult_beauty
Go get it!!


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