Friday, 17 August 2012

Emergency - Make Me Up

I work down in the City so during the Olympics I've been getting to work at 7am to avoid the rush, which has meant waking up at 5am! This partly involves looking like a zombie all day, to save time in the mornings and give me more time to sleep I have quickly been putting my mascara and base on and then doing the rest on the train. Yes, I have become one of those girls you end up watching on that boring journey whilst they battle a moving train with lipstick in their hand.

So the reason this post is called 'Emergency' is because in my morning rush I actually FORGOT my make up bag at home! I was having palpitations until I realised that I could  pick up some bits from Boots on my way in..There is a very large Boots in Liverpool Street Station which has all the beauty counters.

So after completing my journey nearly make-up less I went in and picked up these bits, I thought there is no point picking up expensive products which I already have sitting at home so I would just pick up some 'drug store' cheaper things.

For some reason this picture did not want to rotate!

This lot came in under £15, which may seem a little steep for drug store products but the reality is that's how much this stuff costs. You are only going to find something cheaper by hitting the bargain brands like MUA ect. 

The bronzer by Bourjois claims it has a chocolate scent which to me sounds awful, I mean I love chocolate but don't want it on my face! I find that the colour range is sometimes way too light for me with drug store ranges but this works really well and surprisingly smells divine!

I picked up a couple of Kohl liners as I usually smudge them out along the top and bottom lines so I don't need eye shadow.

The Rimmel blush is lovely, would definetly recommend it, I like light blushes which create abit of mess - the powdery type, purely because they blend nicely - probably the reason I like mineral blushes so much too.

So in the end Boots saved the day and my face was restored to full make up glory!


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