Wednesday, 1 February 2012

New Brushes! Real Techniques

Have you ever watched a Pixiwoo video?
Don't know what I mean? Get onto YouTube now and type them in..if you subscribe I guarantee you will be addicted!

Pixiwoo consists of two very talented and very pretty ladies...Sam and Nic.
Last year, Sam launched her new line of brushes and they have gone viral! Since watching the first video where she introduced the brushes I have had them on my 'To buy' list and I have seen them in practically every video I have watched since, I've noticed the US are crazy over these brushes!

So this Christmas I asked for them and my sister kindly bought me them..It is clear to most that visit my bedroom that I have a thing for collecting make up brushes. I don't know what it is, I just need to have two of everything, let's face it washing brushes isn't the most glamorous of jobs, and we've all had the moment where we reach for one and it's comes the second brush back up..see, always handy to have two (there's me trying to justify my obession).

Back to the brushes- which I love, I chose the core collection which includes four core brushes, believe it or not!

-Lip brush
-Contour brush
-Buffing Brush
-Pointed Foundation brush

I prefer to use a buffing brush for my foundation. Prior to discovering the Real Techniques buffing brush I was obessed with my Sigma F82.  [See Post]
I feel like the F82 is alot denser than the Real Techniques brush, so it has taken abit of a back seat when it comes to my everyday routine.

I wouldn't say the foundation brush in this kit is ideal for foundation but that's what I love about brushes, you can adapt them to your use. I use this for dabbing on under eye concealer, or for a highlight on the cheekbones instead of for foundation.. I think it's purely down to the surface area..I'd be there doing my foundation all year with this brush.

The Countour brush is great for getting under the cheekbone and hitting the temples.

The brushes are synthetic and not real hair, which is great because it means they won't start to malt if used with liquid products.

That's Sam on the back of the box!

The kit came with a cute little brush holder which will be great for's so annoying when your brushes go out of shape or the bristles get caught in the make-up bag zip!
Do you watch pixiwoo on YouTube? What's your favourite pixiwoo video?

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