Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I'm in love...with my Sigma F82

I have tried numerous foundation brushes in the past but nothing I have ever tried has ever been as good as this..I am so so so so excited to tell you about this one...

For those of you who don't know about Sigma Brushes they are warriors when compared to MAC brushes..and are nearly HALF the price!..amazing!

Finding quality brushes at a reasonable price can be really difficult so I can say I will be sticking to Sigma for the long run.

Sigma have a three brush set as part of their permanent range called the 'Synthetic Face Kit'. It contains three face brushes and have been engineered with perfection to buff products in.
They all work on the Kabuki concept which brands such as Bare Minerals made famous. Each brush has dense fibres which were designed for both liquid and powder products without absorbing half of the product before its applied!..exactly what we all need..

(From left to right)
F84 Angled Top Kabuki
F80 Flat Top Kabuki
F82 Round Top Kabuki

If you have heard of Sigma brushes I'm pretty certain the one you would of heard of the most is the F80. Again I did my full research on this brush and after watching various videos and reading various articles I decided that my Bobbi Brown Flat Top buffer was enough and I had come to the conclusion that the F82 would suit me better.
BINGO...I was right, It's the best thing I have in my collection!

This brush is super soft and blends foundation in beautifully, before this I used to use MAC's #187 Duo  Fibre Stippling Brush..I found that it really sucked up alot of liquid foundation and I was having to use nearly two pumps...with the F82 I just about use all of one pump!..Talk about no product wasteage..Winning!

Packaging: Synthetic bristles are fully protected by a plastic sleeve
Pricing: Extremely Reasonable for a good quality brush 
Quality: High
Usability: Perfect for everyday and will suit everyone that is looking for a truly flawless result

As Sigma is an American brand THANKFULLY websites such as Love Make up sell them!
If you haven't visited this site, you are missing out on a big scale they sell all the brands under the sun and specialise in products that we British unfortunately cant get hold of so easily without paying a hefty shipping price!


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