Saturday, 1 October 2011

Vibrant Sunset #NailArt

Today I want to prove that you don't have to have professional tools to create your own nail art.
Rummage around at home and find things you can adapt to help you..cocktail sticks, threading needles, make up or kitchen sponges..the list is endless! 

One of my favourite miscellaneous tools is a simple make up sponge like this one

Here's what I did:
-I used a peach colour all over the nail and let it dry. 
-Then I dotted some of the coral colour onto a piece of scrap paper and dipped my make up sponge into it. 
-Dabbing off the excess, I pressed the sponge onto the outer edge of my nail and dabbed up to the smile line. As I reached the smile line I used less pressure to get a gradient effect.

The sponge will take away some of the polish if you dab over it too many times so you will need to let it dry and then go over it with another layer. 

-I finished it off with adding a few dabs of gold glitter polish to my ring finger using another corner of the sponge.

Tip: Don't throw away the sponge once you're done, all you have to is cut off the part you used with a pair of scissors and you have yourself a new sponge to start over with! 

You could even use another colour over the coral for even more of a gradient effect, maybe a cherry colour? What do you think?

Products used: 
LA colours base coat
Barry M Peach Melba Nail paint (base colour)
Barry M Coral Nail paint (gradient colour)


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