Sunday, 8 November 2015

Winter Lip Lovin' #bbloggers

So, here we are at that wonderfully wintery time of year.
Personally I have a love hate relationship with this season, I adore winter fashion, layering up clothes and pulling out those well loved boots are some of my favourite things, but what this climate does to my skin is I find hard to deal with.

Lets start with the most exposed part of our skin, those lips! Now, unless you plan on wearing a balaclava all winter, its going to be hard to avoid exposing them to the elements.

As always, I like to back up anything I advise with a little fact (disclaimer: I'm obviously not a dermatologist, everything I talk about is from my own experience)

Fun Fact time: The skin on your lips is only up to 5 layers deep, compared to our face and bodies which have up to 5 times that. This is why our lips chap and bleed so easily! You've probably never paid attention to this, but your lips don't sweat, and nor do they produce their own sebum (basically oils) without this, our lips dry out quicker.

Queue the lip products, in my opinion a lot of these products can lead to what I like to call product addiction, which is basically when they have ingredients which actually irritate your skin and make you feel like you need the product when you stop using it (*Ahem Carmex*)

But there are some products which just put a bit of a barrier on the lips to lock in what moisture they do have! And they all live happily in my make up drawer, here they are....

5. Kheils Lip Balm -

This is a great lip moisturiser in terms of its moisture levels, but it is based from petroleum jelly a.k.a Vaseline! Which isn't such a bad thing in my opinion. This retails at £9.50 and can be purchased from Space NK or and Kheils store

4. Chanel Hydra Beauty Lip Care - 

This lip balm has a bit of a price tag but the amount of product you get for your money is fair. Personally I feel like it almost has a plumping effect although this isn't promoted as one of the properties. This product came recommended by Nina Ubhi, and anything she uses is obviously going to be good, right!?! This retails at £30 and can be purchased at most Chanel counters and independent Chanel Stores (Covent Garden & Brompton Road)

3. Dior Lip Glow - 

This comes in a hard stick form and has a firmer application making it that bit more long wearing, The colour is actually a pale pink but it comes up translucent on the skin. Pretty packaging too!  This retails at £24 and can be found at most Dior Counters

2. Eve Lom Kiss Mix - 

This one has a bit of a minty tingle and smell to it, although there’s no actual flavour. A great all rounder and it lasts on the lips due to its slightly sticky formula.This one retails at £16 from Space Nk stores

1. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Magic - 

My number one lip product has to be this one. Why? - because its main ingredient is propolis, in simple terms, propolis is natures anti septic, Bee's actually line the walls of their honeycomb with it in order to keep it sterile! I have always been a fan of this ingredient, in fact I have mentioned it in a previous post.You can get his one for £24 at Charlotte Tilbury counters in most department stores

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