Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tom Ford Pout 💋

I swear Jay Z had nothing to do with this purchase, but I can thank Instagram instead!..

I saw the most gorgeous post from one of the millions of make up artists I follow on Instagram and have wanted one of these lipsticks ever since, the colour on her lips was just gorgeous..(pic below)

Value for money:
Lets face it Tommy boy hasn't got to where he is with crap products and a crap clothing line has he!

Tom was the creative director for Gucci and YSL from 1994–2004- enough said!

You really do get what you pay for..this cost me £36 and lord knows I'm glad I did, it's a lipstick of dreams, you gotta give it to the man, genius! 

Colour range and payoff:
I've got a picture below of the colour range, but they only had a few shades where I got mine.
These remind me of the YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks, which only need one swipe of colour and you're good, I'd say they aren't as creamy but it does go on smoothly. I found that it didn't bleed so you could probably get away with not using a lip liner, however if you are choosing a darker shade say Black Orchid, I'd recommend lining your lips without a doubt.
The colour I chose is Flamingo but you can bet True Coral is my next buy! I've swatched the colour below, on the left is a couple of swipes and to the right is just one..pretty good going!

I'm always a sucker for nice packaging with any product but lipsticks most of all.
I love this packaging, it's so classy, and the lid actually clicks closed properly! (That's a pet peeve of mine)

I know a lot of us have trouble with lipsticks drying our lips out, prime example - the Mac Amplified shade range! I didn't have any trouble with this one, for once I didn't have to reapply any balm before my lipstick with is always helpful!

A couple tips for dry lips
- Put on your lip balm when you start your make up so it's had time to settle in by the time you get to doing your lips at the end
- Prime your lips with primer / concealer if you have discoloration
- Exfoliate once a week, either using a dedicated toothbrush very lightly in circular motions or with a home made sugar scrub (sugar and honey..try not to eat it!)
There are loads of exfoliant products out there for lips, I wouldnt waste your money but if you are feeling lazy but don't want to spend too much I know Elf cosmetics do a lip exfoliator for £3.75

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