Monday, 23 January 2012

Morroccan Oil Tame your unruly locks @hqhair

There are alot of opinions on Moroccan Oil. Moroccan oil the equivalent to Argan Oil which comes from Argan Tree fruit -which as the name reads are grown almost only in Morocco. The oil is used as a lavish moisturiser for the skin and hair. 

The reason I say there are many opinions on this product is because it's not 100% Argan Oil and that has put some people off, 100% true Argan Oil is available to buy and some do find great results, but Moroccan Oil have used the Oil with some similar Silicone based ingredients to what John Freida's Frizz Ease has to develop a bespoke hair product that I now won't live without.

The Oil comes in two types; a light version for those of us who have normal or thin hair, that starts to look greasy often and needs a wash more than three times a week. Then there is the normal version which is for everyone else, I fall under this bracket as I can get away with washing my hair around 3 times a week as it doesn't look greasy, that might be down to the fact that it's jet black!

I use it on every other wash just when my hair is a little damp but not soaking wet. The reason I don't use every time is only because I usually wear my hair curly and I find that if it's too silky smooth the curls don't sit as well...But that's just down to personal preference. Alternatively you can use a little to tame those unruly fly aways and finish of your look with a glossy shine.

The oil comes in an amber glass bottle, which for centuries has been used to protect the contents, preserving the life of the product. You may find perfumes oxidise and turn a funny colour after a while, and this is usually down to too much exposure to sun light...which an amber bottle avoids.

This stuff smells divine! It's doesn't reek of perfume, but it smells just sweet and fresh enough to leave your hair with a nice scent, perfect for those L'Oreal moments.

Consistency is relatively thick when pouring or pumping it out of the bottle but once it's in your hands rub your palms together and warm the product up, this will help spread it evenly over the hair and also thin it out abit so you don't get left looking greasy...Saying that this product really does soak into the hair very well..I have fallen victim to putting too much on in one area, my hair was freshly washed so I freaked out but after a few minutes you wouldn't have been able to tell because it all soaked in completely!

As someone with thick curly and wavy hair I can definitely recommend this product, I think it's even better value for those of us who buy those little bottles of John Freida frizz ease, this will last you much longer and do a better job!

Product Summary: 
An extremely light formula that seeps into the hair leaving no residue

Great for -Those looking for a deep conditioning or who want to add shine or tame a few fly aways to finish their look.

Availability - 100ml / £30.45


  1. I swear by M.Oil too! think it's fantastic! I went to Morocco recently and purchased some Argan Oil - it's great stuff - ONLY PROBLEM IS THAT IT SMELL'S! :-( so for that reason I am happy to stick with M.Oil.

    Also, having coloured my hair recently, I think M.Oil has helped to keep my hair nourished! And yes, it lasts for ages so defo a great investment.

    1. Hey Reena, I've thought about buying the real Argan Oil went all the way and actually bought it in Morocco! lol I might reconsider if it smells though..

      Only thing I'd say, is make sure you keep the bottle upright! Have you had any oily spillages yet? I have had a couple..not good!

  2. I am well and truly in love with this bad boy! I recently got the shampoo and conditioner on buyapower which works equally as much magic! It really does help your hair feel healthy. I also really like the smell of it! I think I've just read your blog cover to cover LOL. I'm now following so look forward to your future posts xx

  3. I really want this! I've heard really great reviews about it, yours included :) My hair desperately needs some lovin'! Gonna get myself a hair cut then treat my hair to this ♥

    Sophia xo