Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lush Cuticle Balm- Lemony Flutter

I first read about this cuticle balm on Emilys Nail Files, I use Olive oil as a cuticle oil at night and an Avon Lavendar Cuticle oil on the go.

Cuticle oil is a must if you want healthy nails. If you are going to be pushing them back as preperation for working on your nails, the oil will help make it easier and protect them from damage which could stunt the growth of the nail.

I'm not usually a lover of a Lemon scent on my skin, although I don't mind it in my salad.
Lemony Flutter isn't the kind of Lemon that reminds you of toilet cleaner, it's a much more subtle and bearable scent.

The consistency is a little strange, its a mousse like texture but a little grainy at the same time. The graniness disappears once you've rubbed it in, and it leaves an oily moisturised feeling all round. The girl at the Lush store said you can use this all over your hands or your elbows and knees, she even said that she used it on her face too but I won't be going that far.

Even after washing my hands a few times I can still smell the lemon on my hands and it's actually quite pleasent.

I would probably use this more so at night, only because the tub is a little big for what I would usually keep in my handbag and the consistency is not that practical. I can't see myself loving an oily mobile phone, which is what would happen after using this.
As always, you get alot of product in Lush Tubs, this tub will last me absolutley ages as you only need a very small amount each time.


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