Wednesday, 11 January 2012

@Illamasqua Medium Pencil

Say hello to the alternative open eye white waterline look.

Lining your waterline with a white khol liner can give the illusion of more white space in the eye which will make eyes look bigger.

My problem is that as I have jet black lashes it just looks really obvious that I am wearing a white liner. Anything that is supposed to be an illusion shouldn't be obvious, but hardly noticeable.

So as usual I got researching into a colour that would best suit the colour of my eyes and waterline.
Mac have a pro Chromagraphic pencil in 'skin' colours that match the foundation shades, so NW25, NC35 ect, but I found this so hard to get hold of. So I turned to my trusty Illamasqua. I found out that they have a similar product (Yipee!) so I headed down to my nearest store on Beak Street (Flagship Store).

Unlike most make up brands, Illamasqua realises the importance of being able to multi task with one much as I might be a tiny bit of a make up hoarder I still like to know I'm spending wisely!

The medium pencil is really quite clever, certain products are reccomended for use only in certain areas. 
This pencil has been designed for use all over

I love their packaging!

How I use my Medium pencil:
Highlight the brow bone
Highlight the inner corners of the eye
Highlight the cupids bow - I love doing this when I have a nice lippy on!
All over the lips as a base for a dark or bright lipstick to make it 'pop!'
On the waterline for a wide eye look

Or in true Illamasqua style you could use if to create a bold look for your alter ego ;)

Medium Pencil in Vow


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