Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Easy #NailArt Crackle Polishes

I'm a true believer that Nail Art does not have to take absolutely ages and most definitely does not have to involve complicated designs that you have to redo a hundred times.

Introducing Instant Nail Effects Crackle Polishes...

You may be thinking 'These polishes arn't new, I've seen them everywhere'..and you would be right, but you would be surprised at the number of people who have asked and been intrigued when I'm rockin' a crackle paint..hence why I wanted do to a post about them.

These polishes are simply a two-step Nail Art system..how much more easier could it get?

-Step 1 - Paint your nails with your base nail colour
-Step 2 - Apply a layer of the crackle polish and watch the magic!

The polish shrinks as it dries, leaving you with the cracked appearance you see below..

Going clockwise from number 1, the base colours I used in the image above are listed below.

Barry M White and Black Instant effects Crackle Polish with...
OPI Extra va Vaganza
Barry M Mushroom
Ciate Paint Pot (44)
Barry M Berry
Barry M Bright Purple
Barry M Rasberry
Barry M Shocking Pink
Barry M Coral
Barry M Peach Melba

Using the crackle polishes over a glitter polish tones down a super sparkly nail.

Cracked Tip's:
- Wait for the base coat to totally dry or you won't get the desired effect

- You will get a different effect depending on how thickly the layer or crackle polish is applied.
Thin layer = more cracks
Thick layer = less cracks which makes the colour underneath less visible

-Try applying a thin layer of crackle at an angle or even just on the tips of your nail for a more unusual look.

- Instead of painting your nail in the normal vertical direction, experiment and apply it in a horizontal direction or with a squiggle..I'll let you try to see what happens!

A number of brands have released their own versions; OPI, Cover Girl, China Glaze, Sally Hansen and even places like Claires Accessories.

I think this concept is great for those who arn't so confident with experimenting with their nails and some may think they wouldn't suit a smart outfit..but like I say..the outfit is the accessory..it's all about the nails!

What's your opinion on the crackle polishes?
Which brands have you tried? Which do you recommend? ..

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