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My essential Face products!

These are all things I use on myself, and have done so for a long time, they have worked well for me according to the skin type I have. I want to share them not because I'm just preaching about how great they are, but like I always say, everything I buy is done so after much research and I'll only post things I know are worth raving about!

1. Bioderma Cleanser

When I take my make up off, as usual I get pretty OCD. I feel like I need every last grain off, so I do it in steps. Amongst the rest of my routine I cleanse with this before to take off my make up, and then once more when everything is off just to be sure. So yes, I need I practically drink this stuff! It's a great make up remover, and it's known for its water like properties which doesn't irritate the skin or leave any residue. I use this on clients too because I know its something I can use on everyone without worrying if someone will react.

2. Eve Lom Cleanser

I'm the type of person who needs to wash their face to feel like its super squeaky clean, I can't stand just using a make up removing wipe on its own - not only are they no good for your skin, but they leave behind residue and don't actually take away everything whilst leaving your skin dry.
This cleanser does exactly the opposite of that list, your face feels so nourished after using it as it doesn't strip your skin of every natural oil. It's a balm product which you warm up in your hands and rub into your dry face - this is why I remove make up with Bioderma first, so that I'm not literally rubbing make up into my skin! (yuck!)
Once its all over, you can use the muslin cloth to wipe away the product and anything it takes off, I do this with lots of warm water and then finish off with a splash of cold to close the pores and pat dry.

3. Advanced Night Repair, Concentrate and Eye Serum

If I had to pick a holy grail product, this would be it, year on year!
This is my secret weapon, it literally repairs my skin, I pat it into clean dry skin and let it dry up and then moisturise on top. Perfect skin saviour! I also have the more concentrated version which is far more expensive as you are meant to use it for a fixed period of time (around 21 days) every 3-4 months, whereas the normal night repair can be used daily.
Under my eyes, I use the eye serum from the same range as a prevention, and to retain moisture there, The skin under our eyes is very thin, this is one of the reasons we tend to see those blue/green veins, or we see that discolouration and shading around the eyes which look like eye bags - we call that staining. Using a serum type product will slowly help to prevent sun damage, and fill those crepey lines under the eye. On another note, if you are suffering from a troublesome under eye area, the number one thing I always suggest is .... WATER! Get glugging! The source of your problems is most probably dehydration.

4. Aloe Vera Gel

This gel is something I use on especially on days where I've been wearing make up for so many hours, and my face needs to be rescued, it instantly cools my skin and awakens it because its so refreshing. I also use it after a laser treatment rather than clogging up my skin with other products. It's a thick gel consistency which I layer on and let soak in, before I sleep I'll literally plaster it on and in the morning my skin feels like it's had a good watering! A tip on choosing an aloe gel product is to check the actual content of aloe vera, aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice are two different things... you want GEL not juice, the gel is where all the nutrients are held and preserved, the juice is normally just drained away..also check the type of aloe leaf used, there are over 500 types of aloe leaf but a heads up is to look for Aloe barbadensis!

5. Embryollise Cream

This has been my go to moisturiser for I'd say around two years now, its marketed as a primer as well as a moisturiser and I can see why. It leaves your skin feeling quite lifted and almost plump once applied and has no strong fragrance. It's the perfect moisturiser in my eyes and another essential in my kit!

6. Eve Lom Kiss Mix

I alternate my lip products quite often and theres always about three different brands in my handbag at any one time! There's nothing wrong with good old vaseline or an aloe lip product, but I've been drawn to this one over the winter months, it's got a peppermint smell to it, which isn't my favourite of fragrances, but I don't mind too much as it does the job just as the tin says!

So there you have it, my daily face products! xXx

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