Friday, 26 December 2014

Asiana Bridal Show - Birmingham @asianatv

We're just about ready to get started with preparations before the next dose of the biggest Asian Bridal show in the UK - Asiana Bridal Show London! 
So before I get swamped in make up, face charts and team get-togethers (so not complaining!) I wanted to share with you the shenanigans of the Birmingham show!

The Nina Ubhi Institute was the Make Up sponsor of the show, which means we were solely responsible for every model on the Catwalk looking the part, at every second!
It may have been just one day, but the show has taken weeks of preparation from Nina Ubhi, myself, and the Nina Ubhi Team. 

My role was joint Head Make Up Artist for a team of over 20 artists. The make up concept was created by Nina Ubhi herself, and my job was to ensure the make up of each model was consistent and just as planned, as well as support each of the artists along the way.

We had weeks of training which was so much fun! When the weekend came, we all travelled up to Birmingham for final preparation which included a Catwalk rehearsal.

We set up shop in the Egbaston Cricket Stadium by 8am and eagerly awaited our models! 
By 10am our models were ready to get going with their first dress rehearsal!
There were three Catwalk shows in total, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm, each was an hour long and all the artists were backstage making sure every model looked the part in between outfit changes.

The atmosphere backstage was just buzzing, it was such an adrenaline rush to get the girls ready against the clock, I managed to sneak out for a couple of minutes to see the girls on the stage and boy did they look amazing! That's the thing about Asian outfits, after the make up, the hair, the jewellery and the outfits the glam-o-meter is just through the roof!

If you're getting married next year or even just fancy a glam day out, head down to the next show in London on February 8th 2015. I'm hoping to give away a few tickets nearer the time, so I hope to see you there!

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