Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Avon Supershock gel Eyeliner

Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner

If you're looking for an intense liner, this is the one for you.

How I would describe the Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner:
Intense, creamy, blacker than black, smooth to apply, totally blendable, doesn't budge..
Ok seriously do I need to convince you anymore?

For me, it outruns MAC Blacktrack fluid line or Bobbi Brown Gel Liner pot by miles!

The reason its called a gel liner is because it literally is like they have squeezed a pot of gel liner into a pencil but somehow given it a solid consistency which melts when you apply it.
Because its a gel, once you have applied it you can use a smudger brush or your finger to smudge it out for a smokey look above and under the eye. I sometimes use it as a base colour all over my lid when I'm doing a dark smoky eye, it doesn't move all night and it won't pull on your eyelid like MAC Shade sticks or other eye bases which come in a pencil formation. Because of its creamy formulation you could use an angled brush and dab the pencil liner onto the brush for a more defined line.

The only drawbacks I can think of is that it's intensity as a Kohl may render it too much of an evening look for some people. Also it only comes in black and a silver.

Here comes the disappointment..I actually can't find it on the Avon website at the moment! I know the Luxe Lace collection was limited addition at one point but Avon did bring it back, so I'm hoping it will mysteriously re-appear after Christmas. Good job I stocked up ;) Have a search online and you will find it somewhere that sells it.

Avon is truly my guilty pleasure, I don't think their products get enough press. I have been using Avon products since I first started wearing make up, I remember my mum would bring home a little girlie goodie for me and my sister as a Friday treat after school, it might have been something really little like a deodorant but we were gleaming! Even to this day, mum brings home that catalogue every month and I'm excited because I know I'm going to find something to spend on.


  1. ahh might have to try and get hold of one now! always are a great liner. great blog



  2. im desperate to try this eyeliner! everyone is raving about it! great review

    Hayley x


  3. @Aimee Bradley
    Thanks Aimee, let me know how you get on and if you manage to find one! Lets hope they bring it back soon!xx

  4. @Hayley

    Hayley I'll probably blog amd send out a smoke signal or something as soon as I find out it's back in stock lol Total make up must have!

    @Aimee & @Hayley, fab blogs ladies!xx

  5. Another great review Sharon! I really want to try this eyeliner now. Hope Avon start stocking it again!

    Shetal x

  6. @Shetal

    Thanks Shetal, I will probably do a post if I see Avon re launch it.
    I've noticed they do a gel liner in a pot which may be worth a try as it's only £6!

  7. Wow Sharon, I love your blog!!! like it's soo informative. And why aren't you a full time beautician?! I've never known a fluidline other than the little black mac pot I have...but after reading your reviews - think I'll be indulging in some AVON purchases very soon. Hurry up and come back in stock! I want this gel pen!! Xx you have officially got yourself a new dedicated follower.